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 Lanzarote Forum 2024

October 24-27, 2024

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Our Event

Join us for the Co-Creation Forum Lanzarote 2024, a three-day event where we bring together innovators, creators, and leaders to collaborate and accelerate projects that demonstrate the power and effectiveness of private sector solutions in addressing society's most pressing issues.

The co-creation forum offers project owners currently facing obstacles and challenges in their endeavor access to an exceptional brain trust committed to working with them to find solutions to their unique obstacles and challenges over the course of the two-day forum. 

While the brain trust is invite-only, we are delighted to receive applications from project owners interested in taking part in the forum.

Lanzarote Forum: 2023
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Apply with your project now!

Join us for the Co-Creation Forum Lanzarote 2024 and be a part of the movement that harnesses ingenuity, creativity, and individual freedom to improve civilization.


The deadline to apply with your project is April 12th, 2024. 

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Call for projects

We are looking for projects throughout Europe that are driven by a desire to create alternative, private-sector solutions that put classical liberal principles into action. We want project owners whose objective is to make an impact on the ground and whose projects have the potential to do so. We are interested in projects from a broad range of fields, such as education, environment, energy, poverty reduction, migration, finance, urban planning, etc. We strive to identify and support projects with the potential to scale that will serve as models for others, demonstrating the power and effectiveness of private sector solutions in addressing society's most pressing issues.


Projects can be just an idea in the early stages of development, working to overcome roadblocks, or already successfully running and ready to scale. In order to benefit most from the forum, the project must currently face a problem that needs to be overcome for the next stage of development and that goes beyond the challenge of raising funds.


Examples of challenges you may be facing include (but are not limited to):

  • refining your target audience

  • determining key players to make your project a success

  • deciding next steps to prioritize

  • identifying potential marketing strategies and technical solutions

"A magnificent, exciting, and challenging experience. Fantastic group of people, stimulating conversations, inspiring recommendations, perfect logistics. One of the best events I have ever attended (and I have experienced already quite a few!)."

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